The PHA member-hospitals brings pride and glory to the country as many of the members are recognized to rank among the best medical centers in the world. Through the years, the PHA member-hospitals remain as the government’s invaluable partner in providing hospital care and the promotion of the well-being of Filipino citizens. The Philippine Hospital Association is an organization that provides support to its member-hospitals in the pursuit of the nation’s health agenda. Its history is as remarkable and has contributed to where it is today – a nationally and internationally recognized institution in the health industry. Its beginnings can be traced to sixty two years ago commencing on September 15, 1949 when six (6) distinguished physicians namely Dr. Miguel Canizares, Dr.Tranquilino E. Elicaño Sr., Dr. Jose Y. Fores, Dr. Antonio Ko Nubla, Dr. Jose Reyes and Dr. Basilio J. Valdez have come together and organized themselves that resulted to the founding of the Philippine Hospital Association. It was later on registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with Dr. Basilio J. Valdez as its first president. Dr. Basilio J. Valdez, who represented the Quezon Institute in Quezon City served as president of the Association for three (3) consecutive years (1949-52). He was then serving as the Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army . He was succeeded by Dr. Vicente G. de Ocampo (1956-1959), the Medical Director of the De Ocampo Hospital and Colleges in Sampaloc, Manila. The third (3rd) president of the Association was Dr. Guillermo Del Castillo (1960-61), the Medical Director of the Hospital of the Infant Jesus in Tondo, Manila

Basilio J. Valdes, MD 1949-1955
Vicente G. de Ocampo, MD 1956-1959
Guillermo del Castillo, MD 1960-1961
Elidoro D. Congco 1962-1973
Jose P. Caedo, Jr., MD 1974-1975
Benjamin R. Roa, MD 1976-1977 & 1980-1982
Carlos P. Crisostomo, MD 1978-1979
Jose G. Tamayo, MD 1983-1984
Juan V. Komiya, MD 1985 & 1987
Thelma N. Clemente, MD, MHA 1985 & 1988 - 1997
Rico M. Medina, Sr., MD 1988-1999
Avelino A. Obispo, MD 2000-2002
Tiburcio S. Macias , MD 2002-2008
RUBEN C. FLORES, MD, MHA 2009-2011

The growth in the number of the PHA membership was more remarkable during the second decade of its existence with the public or government sector taking a more active participation in its activities. Organizational stability and continued growth in the number of membership marked the tenure of Dr. Eliodoro D. Congco (1962-73), who at that time is the Medical Director of the Family Clinic in Manila and whose eleven years of continued service as president is considered one of the longest terms in office to this day. During the incumbency of Dr. Congco, the PHA acquired a national stature, which is at par with other leading professional organizations in healthcare. The Martial Law era saw the ascension of the Association's 5th President, Dr. Jose P. Caedo Jr. (1974-75), the former Chief of Hospital of the GSIS Hospital (later named Hospital Ng Bagong Lipunan and subsequently as the East Avenue Medical Center). He is best remembered for being the youngest and the first president elected from the public or government sector. It was during the term of Dr. Jose P. Caedo Jr. when the PHA celebrated its 25th year or Silver Anniversary. It was also during his term when the PHA was given wider recognition and acceptability in the international community of hospitals especially when Dr. Caedo was elected as one of the Directors of the Asian Hospital Federation (AHF) and subsequently First Filipino Vice-President of the International Hospital Federation (IHF). It was very evident that during the first twenty five years of the PHA, the Secretariat "moves to where the presidency of the PHA is". The growth in membership and the involvement of the PHA in the country's national affairs however, made it necessary for the organization to begin planning for a more stable site for its headquarters. For awhile, the PHA hired a space in the newly constructed Philippine Medical Association Building at North EDSA. This was during the incumbency of the Association's sixth (6th) president, Dr. Benjamin R. Roa Sr., the Medical Director of The Virgen Milagrosa Hospital in Bulacan and a distinguished leader of the medical profession. He served the PHA from 1976-1977. He was succeeded by Dr. Carlos P. Crisostomo (1978-79), the Medical Director of the UDMC or the United Doctors Medical Center located near the Welcome Rotonda in Quezon City. From a small office space at the PMA Building, the PHA temporarily moved its headquarters at the corner of Mayon Street in Quezon City. Dr. Crisostomo will be remembered as the 7th president of the PHA. In 1980 up to 1982 however, the articulate and charismatic Dr. Benjamin R. Roa made a come back as president of the PHA where he served for two (2) years more (1980-1982). In 1983, another prominent leader in the medical profession, Dr. Jose G. Tamayo (1983-84) was elected as the Association's ninth (9th) president. At that time, he was the Medical Director and President of the Perpetual Help Hospital in Dimasalang, Manila. It was during the term of Dr. Tamayo when the Secretariat was transferred from Mayon Street in Quezon City to an office space in a building located at the corner of D. Tuazon Street and Quezon Boulevard also in Quezon City. Dr. Tamayo who is now recognized as the Founding Father and President of the Perpetual Help Systems will be remembered for having facilitated the acquisition of the 750 square meter lot with a two-storey bungalow along Kamias Road in Quezon City where the present PHA Center now stands. In 1985, the private sector made its presence felt with the election into office of the PHA's tenth (10th) president, Dr. Juan V. Komiya (1985 and 1987), the Medical Director of the Lorma Medical Center in La Union. He served for two terms and during which he championed the cause of the private sector. Dr. Thelma N. Clemente, MHA , (1986; 1988-1997), Medical Director and President of the Capitol Medical Center in Quezon City. She was elected as the "President Emeritus" in a referendum held during the 1997 annual convention of the PHA. She was the eleventh (11th) and "First Woman" president of the Association. Likewise, she was elected as the "First Woman President of the Asian Hospital Federation" (AHF) during her term as PHA resident. She captivated her colleagues in the International community of hospitals at the International Hospital Federation (IHF) not only for her fiery speeches and dynamic voice but also for her belligerent and strong bias for the hospital industry. She was then referred to as the "Tiger Lady of the Asian Hospital Federation". She served the PHA as president for eleven years thus earning for herself the title "President for Life". During that period , the PHA was at its zenith with the construction of the PHA Secretariat Building and offices on its present site. She was then cited as President Emeritus of the PHA prior to which, she earned the distinction of being included among "the Diamonds of the Philippine Medical Profession", in a book written by an equally illustrious medical professional and hospital administrator, Dr. Fe del Mundo, Medical Director of the Children's Medical Center. During her 12 year stint at PHA, the following accomplishments can be attributed to her.

  • Initiated the Tri-Sectoral Referral System where patients may be referred to the hospital with more complete facilities;
  • Introduced the “No Smoking ”policy in Hospitals;
  • Promoted the “Adopt a Barangay” advocacy for hospitals;
  • Work hand in hand with the DOH in the promotion of the Primary Health Care concept of the Alma Ata Conference (1979): Healthcre for All by the Year 2000.
  • Encouraged the other sub-specialty societies as affiliate members of the PHA;
  • Spearheaded the construction of the PHA Building
  • Influential in the granting of soft loan facilities by the DBP-SSS-PNB to financially beleaguered hospitals.

In November 1997, the PHA elected into office its 14th president, Dr. Rico M. Medina Sr. (1997-1999), President and Medical Director of the Medina General Hospital and Colleges in Ozamis City, Misamis Oriental. Dr. Medina made history by being the first president of the PHA from the Mindanao archipelago. At the time that he was elected, Dr. Medina, was also serving as one of the Commissioners of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or Philhealth, representing the health care providers of the Philippines. During his term, the PHA went on-line with the acquisition of "Y2K compliant" computers at the Secretariat. The construction of the PHA Inn located on the third floor of the PHA Building for the use its members will always be credited to the PHA Board during his term in office. At the turn of the new millennium, a prominent medical practitioner and civic-religious leader from Southern Tagalog was catapulted to the presidency of the PHA. He is Dr. Avelino A. Obispo (1999-2001), President and Medical Director of the Tayabas Community Hospital in Quezon province. Because of the timing of his ascension into office, Dr. Obispo was dubbed the "New Millennium PHA President". During his tenure, he forged a stronger partnership with United Laboratories Inc. assuring once and for all, the regular printing and distribution of its publications. A new safety compliant water tank and a one-story store room were likewise constructed during his administration. The PHA Board also increased the regional seminars of the PHA from eight (8) to ten (10) to provide wider information access and dissemination to member hospitals. One of the greatest achievements of the PHA board during the term of Dr. Obispo is the acquisition of cash donations from some of its partners in the industry. Dr. Tiburcio S. Macias, MHA (2002-2009). He was the 16th president of the PHA. He was elected while Chief of Hospital of the Zamboanga del Norte Provincial Hospital in Dipolog. He made PHA history by being the first president of the organization from a devolved government hospital. In 2003, he ran for reelection representing the Mayor Joaquin Macias Memorial Hospital, a private hospital in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte and won. He was re-elected year after year until 2009. During his administration , the PHA completed the Multi-purpose Parking Lot located at the back of the PHA. Moreover, the facilities of the PHA Center was upgraded and a customized software system was installed to make the Center more efficient and effective in serving its members. It was also during his term when the PHA was able to acquire a utility van. Dr. Macias had been relentless in his visitations of hospitals throughout the archipelago. Amendments in the Hospital Licensure Law, thrice in three years, including the latest DOH Administrative Order 2005-0029 can be credited to his belligerence as he championed the cause of primary hospitals especially in the rural areas. The signing of a MOA between the PHIC and the PHA defining the so called “rules of engagement” in the inspection, investigation and monitoring of hospitals was considered an important event in strengthening the partnership between the PHIC (Philhealth) and the PHA. It was also during the term of Dr. Macias, when the PHA was accredited by the PCNC or the Philippine Council for the Accreditation of Non-government Corporation which enabled the PHA to qualify as a “donee institution”. The 17th President of the PHA is Dr. Ruben C. Flores, MHA, the Medical Center Chief II of the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital. He is also the second President of the Association from the public or government sector. After one and a half year of being PHA President for the year 2008-2010, Dr. Ruben C. Flores remains steadfast in his resolve towards good governance and servant leadership. In addition to the PHA’s mission of L.E.A.P.-Leading, Enabling, Assisting and Protecting Hospitals Towards Quality Service Dr. Ruben Flores came out with a supplementary strategic guide to his governance: B.E. A. H.E.R.O. (Building linkages and alliances; Establishment and operation of membership service counter ; Active and Dynamic Revisions of By-laws; Human Resource Development Program for Hospitals; Empowerment of Councils and Chapters; Revision of the By-laws ; Organizational Development and Enhancement of the Secretariat. Dr. Flores is the President-elect of the Asian Hospital Federation (AHF) and will be serving the prestigious organization in 2014 and by that time he will have been the second AHF President from the Philippines. Under his term, the PHA will host the 2014 AHF International Convention here in Manila, Philippines.