L.E.A.P. Reasons and Lessons From The PHILIPPINE HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION’s 2011 National Convention. The Philippine Hospital Association (PHA) stands by its mission of L.E.A.P, an acronoymn for Leading, Enabling, Assisting & Protecting Hospitals towards Quality Service. ELEVEN HAPPY REASONS. The PHA’s reasons for being in a state of blissful daze and thankfulness come from the results of the 62nd Annual Convention held on November 23-25, 2011 at Manila Hotel outlined as follows: 1. It has attained an estimated 1,500 record breaking attendance and participants (including sponsors, guests, support staff, etc) in its Nov. 23-25, 2011 Annual National Convention held at the Manila Hotel. 2. It has broken the record on the number of exhibitors. 3. It has broken the record on the number of pre-registered participants at 310 heads . 4. The cover of the Convention’s printed directory and souvenir program have been lauded by many participants as one of the best in design and printing through the use of spot UV technology. 5. The tribute write ups on two outstanding women in the Philippine hospital industry, Dr. Fe del Mundo of the Dr. Fe del Mundo Medical Center Foundation and Dr. Thelma Clemente of the Capitol Medical Center, were very much appreciated by the respective families of the honorees. 6. It has raffled off the most number of prizes, both major and minor. 7. All its invited guests of honor came and regaled the audience with their own brand of repertoire. 8. It has elected its new set of Board of Directors, a new President and set of Officers and welcomed a new member of the Board (saying goodbye to one). 9. The registration process was comparatively smooth and has done away with the snaking long lines of the previous years. 10. The computer assisted election process was very much improved than that of prior years and produced the winners immediately after close of the polls. This, in contrast to the tedious manual counting of the past which extended to about midnight. 11. A PHA Provincial Council, the Capiz Provincial Council, came with their officers in full force and were exhilarated to be inducted by the newly installed President of the PHA. IMPROVEMENTS. Imperfections in this world is a reality that everyone must accept. The bad must be taken in with the good . One can only learn from experiences so that mistakes of the past can be remedied and repetition in the future can be avoided as well. Deficiencies have been duly noted by the organizers so that improvements can be instituted in future events. The PHA attributes much of the improvements in communications with members and the support given by the Board in campaigning for attendance. It is however accepted that there are still a lot of room for improvements on the aspect of communications attributable to the inefficiencies of the snail mail system of the country. However, with the relentless efforts of the concerned team and full support of the PHA Board of Directors on the Social Media Initiatives (Facebook, Twitter, Website, Email, Tumblr, Webinars, etc.) launched in early 2011, substantial improvements in communications are expected in 2012. The use of incentives and motivations were proven very effective , especially in the early birds registration campaign (cultural tour of museums, hospitality suite and raffle prizes), maintaining audience attendance and attention during the sessions and ceremonies as well as encouraging members to go to the polling place and visit exhibitors booths.